How Your Metabolism Changes In Midlife - A Mini-Course

In this one-hour mini-course I introduce you to some of the ways your metabolism changes in midlife.

Bottom Line: You can eat your way to a body and brain that just won’t quit! And you can do it with real food…no proprietary pills, potions nor powders required.

In less than an hour's time, learn my proven 12-Step Strategy for a body & brain that just won’t quit, then put it to work for you!

What you'll get:

  • A 43-minute video lesson
  • A printable workbook (includes timestamps)
  • Quiz:  Are you a sugar burner or fat burner?  
  • A printable infographic - The 12-Step Strategy For A Body & Brain That Just Won't Quit
  • A printable list of 70+ aliases for Sugar

By signing up, you understand that enrolling in this mini-course is in no way, shape, or fashion a substitute for medical care.  The information provided herein is for informational and educational purposes ONLY and does not create a doctor / patient relationship of any kind.   

This mini-course is part of the Unraveling Together community.  As such, you'll hear reference to the paid community periodically in the video and workbook.  If you want to do a deeper dive into how your metabolism changes in midlife and what you can do to optimize it with the 12 Step Strategy For A Body & Brain That Just Won't Quit, consider joining us in the 12 Week Metabolism Reboot. More details for you to peruse HERE