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You are an expert in your field.

You've worked incredibly hard to get to where you are.  You are at, or nearing the top of your industry. You have arrived. Hard work pays off.

But you are starting to feel the effects of all this hard-charging and what you used to do to right the ship no longer works.  

Your energy is unreliable.  You're either buzzing from a caffeine high or barely getting by.  And when you have some pep in your step, it is short-lived.  You've got just enough in you to make it through the long day and nothing left at the end of it. At first, this was an every once in a while thing.  Now it is every day.  You are running on empty. 

To add insult to injury, your weight is steadily increasing and what used to help keep the pounds in check no longer works.  You are the one your team looks up to.  But you don't want anybody looking your way, and it is starting to erode your confidence.  You barely sleep, or if you do, you wake up almost as tired as you laid down the night before. 

This has been the reality for long enough.  You're ready to face facts...you cannot handle this alone. 

You need help. 

You've seen friends go the prescription route, but that doesn't sit right with you.  You want to stick as close to nature as possible.  You've bought supplements in the past, but after the initial peak in energy, their effects fizzled leaving you exactly where you started.   

Your relentless pursuit of success has paid off, and then some.  But, as you are now realizing, you're paying for this business success by sacrificing your personal health and well-being.  There comes a point in all our lives when we come face-to-face with our humanity and we have to change the way we're living, or we are headed for burnout.  Or worse.  A crisis.    

My clients refer to me as their secret weapon when it comes to helping them turn around their health and well-being.  A title I wear proudly, while keeping their secret, well...a secret.  

Now who am I and why should you listen to one word I say?

Sometimes in the relentless pursuit of success, we find ourselves feeling stuck in neutral, or even worse… in reverse. No matter your gear, I’m glad you’re reading these words at this moment.  

I'm Samantha "Dr. Sam" Graber.

A "let's get real, and let's do it quickly" kind of gal. I’ve seen and experienced too much to do you the disservice of sugar-coating anything.  Everyone knows sugar is detrimental to our health.  But "sugar coating" the truth is deadly.  

Plus, you are a changemaker. Every moment not spent in your genius zone is a lost opportunity for not only you, but your clients, your family, your team and the world at large.  

So let’s agree to be real with one another.  Deal?  Cool. 

I am a tried and true entrepreneur myself.  I know exactly how you got to where you find yourself today.  I was there just a few short years ago.  Silently suffering.  Until my internal screams got so loud I could no longer ignore them.

I've done the hard-charging, I've mainlined the caffeine and I too paid for my success with my well-being.  I went down this dark path while was in the wellness arena taking care of everyone else.  I look back on that and wonder how I kept it all together.  Then I get real and face the fact I "held it together" with duct tape, sugar-free chewing gum and a heaping helping of delusion.  

I am a passionate person who goes the extra mile and over-delivers as my standard. That said, I will throw a BS flag on the play when warranted. Yes ma’am. Yes sir.  As a result, my version of tough love leaves the recipient stronger … and more resilient.  

I follow the “teach a wo/man to fish” adage. I help clients navigate their own way through my core teachings and consider myself a “change agent”, for change is what I leave a trail of in my wake.  Learn more about me and my story HERE.

The Most Important 3-Letter Question.

The most important question that you will have to ask yourself at the beginning of your journey to EXECUpreneurial success is, “Why?”  

Why are you doing this?   For you “this” may be starting or running your own entrepreneurial venture.  Or maybe it’s climbing that corporate ladder to reach the top of the executive food chain.  

Whatever your desired end result, really think about WHY you are doing it.  The answer you give is one that has to last you for the majority of your life, so the answer had better be good. Real good. Stick to the ribs kind of good.  It has to be so good that you won’t falter, even at the worst of times. We work on dialing in our mindset of what success truly means to us, and just what we're willing to sacrifice to get there.  

Staying focused and driven to reach your goals, ultimately finding success, will require you to rewire your brain.  And doing this in a way that supports your health instead of obliterating it takes a major mindset shift along with the support to see it through on the days you feel like quitting.  Or pulling what may be the temporary easy lever.  That lever always wears out leaving you with the weight of the world on your shoulders on the other side.  Just how long it works is a craps shoot for us all.  

However, if you've never been an entrepreneur or an executive, or you failed before and haven’t quite moved past it, how are you going to do this? How can you get into the zone and stay there, all the time, no matter what? 

Finding the zone and staying there month after month, year after year isn’t an easy task. That is exactly why your answer to WHY you’re doing your version of “this” is critical. 

To obtain unparalleled success as an EXECUpreneur, you must embody a spirit of rebellion, creation, cultivation and an unwavering sense of personal evolution to pursue your life’s work.  You must strategically pursue the EDGE.  

No matter your chosen field, the principles you’ll learn here transcend specifics.  For the EXECUpreneur’s EDGE hones in on the most important part of your business endeavor.  You. 

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